Hello all, quick question. A co-worker just tried
to load some code that I wrote (using Eclipse) that
utilizes the initCause() and getCause() methods to
chain exceptions. However, inside WSAD, those methods
do not appear to exist.

That is, the internal compiler flags every line using that
as an error and reports something like "method initCause(
ClassCastException ) not defined for type Exception" and the
autocomplete / intellisense popup for type Exception doesn't
show those methods either.

He has his compiler compliance setting set to 1.4, so I
can't understand, off hand, why it doesn't work. Those methods
are, AFAIK, a standard part of Java, not something special or

Anyway, does anybody know if that just plain "is not supported"
in WSAD, or is there some setting or pref we need to tweak,
or is it a bug, or what?

Thanks in advance,

Phillip Rhodes