I am trying to migrate an application from VAJ 3.5.3.

The application uses RMI.

When I was using VAJ3.5.3 I had a workbench setting that would automatically
start the rmi registry when VAJ started up. My application had no problem
making rmi connections in the test environment.

I don't seem to have the same RMIREGISTY startup in WSAD. I tried starting
up the rmi registry outside of WSAD but
my application was unable to connect.

I had some success with the following:

I started up VAJ3.5.3 and went into the workbench, this started up the

I started up WSAD and then started up my application, this time I was able
establish RMI connections. At very
least I know my application will work in WSAD but the RMIREGISRY is a real
issue if I have to startup VAJ to
make it work in WSAD.

Any thoughts ?