Subject: WSAD 5.1.1 Cannot create the server process
From: Jim Fowler

I installed WSAD 5.1.1 today on a Windows XP machine.

The install seemed to go fine, and I was able to open an existing WSAD 5.0
project and allow WSAD to convert it to 5.1.1 format and all appeared to
go well. Until I tried to start a test server.

The 'Operation in Progress' dialog is displayed and then goes away.
The server window indicates that the server is 'Starting'
It cranks and grinds for a while, then the server changes its status
to stopped.
There is never any output in the console window and no error msgs are

To simplify matters, I tried opening a new, empty workspace and starting
a 5.0 test server without any applications. It failed exactly the same way.
I tried a 5.1 test server. Same failure.

I looked for error logs and in the .metadata\LoggingUtil.log I found the
output below that indicates: .ServletEngineModel.createServerProcess():
Cannot create the server process.
The complete log is appended below.

I still have WSAD 5.0 installed and it's working fine. I'm not running it
at the same time as WSAD 5.1.1, but I have not uninstalled it.

Anyone have any idea what is causing this failure or how to diagnose it ?

Any assistance appreciated.

Jim Fowler