I suppose I could spend more of my time posting the latest 'feature'
we've found in WSAD 5 up here (see below **). Instead I'd like to
indulge in a something of a rant (think: Dennis Miller as a VAJ
programmer) & ask: Is anyone using WSAD for enterprise development?
(Constructive replies only plse)

We have a fair sized enterprise application that uses an XML based
async business process engine and EJBs (40+ stateless sessions, 150
CMP only entities) in an SOA.

We tried 5.1, which was a joke. Our XML use requires older versions of
Xerces. Even though we were putting these on (*our*) classpath, WSAD
tried to use these for it's own internal processes. We also access
other ORB's which didn't work.

We were about to give up but then 5.1.1 came out & our showstoppers
were resolved. But...

Since that time my migration guys have had endless problems that lead
us to wonder whether WSAD's been anywhere near an IBM testing team.
The worst revolve around the RDB mapping, which is a mess. I have a
list if anyones interested.

The result is we have had to write some guides for the projects taking
WSAD on, so they can walk the minefield to do this or that. It's
immeasurably worse than the issues we had getting VAJ to work with
EJB's when we started our project 3+ years ago.

And these problems are of course in addition to others like: the
set-up to make anything work is far more onerous that with VAJ and CVS
is.. what can I say... less sophisticated than Envy.

So again I'm wondering, is anyone using WSAD for enterprise


** Favourite one found yesterday, sometimes the task list will show 1
or more empty lines (*above*) a set of actual task entries. These
aren't selectable, they're just completely empty.