QA Systems continues to provide its automated software inspection tool
for Java free to the Java development community.

QStudio for Java Pro available at no cost and you and your organzation
can freely download the single user Pro version from It can be of significant value add to other
developers in your organization also so naturally feel free to pass
this message onto them!

QStudio for Java is the only automated software inspection tool in the
industry to incorporate a software quality model (ISO 9126) which
allows organizations to directly tie automated software inspection
into their quality processes.

QStudio for Java has over 200 default rules many of which are highly
configurable. It also fully incorporates the PMD software inspection
engine within the software quality model along with its own engine
which means that you can make use of all rules defined by the PMD
community as well as define your own rules using the PMD

QStudio for Java seamlessly integrates with major Java IDE's including
Eclipse, JBuilder, JDeveloper and Websphere Studio. It can also be
used standalone.

QStudio for Java Enterprise is a distributed quality management system
providing automated coding standard support, quality control
management and quality assessment over your Java source code base. It
extends QStudio for Java Pro with a significant number of
capablilities not least of which is the ability to carry out a
visualized code assessment making code quality measurable.

Roelof Vuurboom
QA Systems


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software quality:

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A free Java code assessment service available from our website:

QA Systems - The Software Health Company - is focused on improving its
customers' software health. QA Systems develops software tools to
assess, support, monitor and control the health (quality) of software
applications developed by its customers both from both a preventative
viewpoint (supporting good programming practices) as a diagnostic
viewpoint (diagnosing possible software code health risks).