I have an installations of WSAD 5.1.0

I have tried to make a new project, then this project has imported
alle source. And I start to build project - it start to translate all
the SQLJ files, but there are already translate and the .java file and
..ser files is exists - With new timestamp than the SQLJ source.
It's also recompile all existing *.class files ??

And i use the build project function.

WHen this is finish - I get a lot of errors - then er have to
recompile, the hole project. And now everything is okay.

But if export this project to an other person - and this person
imports this, he/her has to recompile the hole project - if there what
to make a small changes in one source.

THis project is a big project, it takes about 2 times 2 hours to
translate the SQLJ, and 2 times 4 hours to compile the source.

Run on Pentium 2,8 GHZ with 2 GB ram, Win XP Pro.

Any suggestions ?