You are effectively using as a library in your application;
you application is specifically dependent on it (your connection pooling
implementation is anyway). For this reason, I'd think it belongs in the EAR
file. Once you put it there, you must add it to `the "Java JAR Dependencies"
for the modules that use it.

Alternatively, you might consider putting in on the application server's
classpath, but that would be my distant second choice.

Any reason why you're not using J2EE standard DataSources?

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"anto2003" wrote in message
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> Hi,
> I am using Websphere Developer Studio for creation of ear file for my

project which needs to be deployed on the Websphere App Server. I have my
own ConnectionManager Object which calls for the Oracle Thin Driver. I am
not able to understand where to place in my Project
Application. Server gives me NoClassDefFoundError when it tries to access
> Any Idea where to place and Servlet.jar if i am not using

the DataSource of Websphere for Connection and Pooling
> I need a soln ASAP
> Thanks and Regards
> Anto