WSAD 5.0 comes with a version of WebSphere Application Server v4.0
(installed in WAS_HOME/runtimes/aes_v4, in our case). This is the
vaunted test environment, but, to my eyes, it also looks like a
more-or-less full-fledged WAS 4.0 single server installation.

What I'd like to do is run an external build via Ant, deploy an .ear
file into this application server, fire it up, run some tests, shut it
down, and undeploy the .ear file, all without bringing up WSAD itself.

So I started digging. It turns out that some of the startup scripts, in
the aes_v4/bin directory, call a setupCmdLine.bat script, which doesn't
exist. But _setupCmdLine.bat does, so I copied that, renamed it
appropriately, and tried running these scripts.

Everything /almost/ worked.

My .ear file deployed OK, but when I went to actually start the server,
it could not resolve some of the variables defined in the path map
section of my server-cfg.xml file.

Does anyone know how to supply values that should be used for path map
variables? I cannot figure this out; in a normal WAS environment, you
would just use the -substitute option to the startup scripts.