My configuration includes Portal in a horizontal cluster mode with externalized IBM Http Server and external DB2 Configuration and security enabled with wmmur (lookaside true) with realm support on a Domino 7.01 LDAP Server.

This configuration is working fine and I seem to fail-over between the two clusters from the externalized http server.

However when I am trying to integrate / expand this setup to include additional WAS servers or Domino servers by importing a common LTPA file, I am unable to get the SSO from any of these WPS servers in the cluster to other servers.

Other WAS servers and Domino are using the same LTPA id and are running under Multi-Server SSO mode. Also my non-clustered Portal Server working with the same LDAP server and with the same LTPA key is working fine under an SSO environment.

This leads me to doubt my implementation of LTPA import within the Clustered Portal Server environment.

Any help or input would be welcome.