Hi everyone,

I'm installing Portal and WCM version 6 for the fist time.
Some months ago I installed Portal 5.1 and when you want WCM to work with a database other than default cloudscape, some steps had to be taken

I don't find any similar steps for version 6. My question is, what do I have to do to make my WCM 6 work with remote DB2?

I've already installed Portal 6, and migrated it to DB2 (all database domains - RELEASE, COMUNITY, CUSTOM, JCR, LMDB, FDBKDB, WMM). I still haven't started configuring authoring portlets or nothing related to WCM.

I've found something about WCM in the Portal and WCM 6 Information Center, but nothing related to "Web Content Management 6 Database migration". Maybe I havent done the right search.

Can somebody explain?