I'm working to implement a new portal for an organization whose goal is to put data at the users' fingertips and enable them to use portlets to build solutions. I'd like to describe my strategy and get some feedback.

The organization has a great deal of data, mostly inventory and resource tracking. Very little of it is transactional. Most of it is in Oracle databases, some other database flavors and some Lotus Notes data stores.

My approach is to work with the divisions within the organization to understand their business transactions and describe them in terms of an enterprise data model.

A general use portlet library will provide the ability to navigate and filter data in the form of enterprise data model elements. These will be cooperative portlets that share information in terms of that enterprise model. Users will automate their transactions by compiling a page with the appropriate cooperative portlets. The general use portlets will provide the context. Special use portlets will carry out the transactions.

To provide a consistent enterprise data source I intend to have portlets get their data through an enterprise service bus. This bus will be a consolidation of several web services built on those legacy databases. The ESB will also become the default data provider for all web and other applications.

I'm working with business users to map business processes and build the enterprise data model. I'm working with the organization to build the ownership of the enterprise data model and its implementation in the ESB. I'm working with developers to establish a development approach that includes working with the enterprise data model and portlets.

Has anyone been tasked with "portalizing" an organization? What was your approach? Do you think the approach I've described can be successful?

I doubt I've done a good job of describing, so ask questions and I'll try to elaborate.