Hi all,

I'm developing some portlets that requires a JAR file to be deployed at the shared/app level. I initially developed the projects on RAD 6 with WPS Test Environment, the shared/app JAR files are defined on the WPS 5.1 server definition under the Portal tab. It worked great...

On RAD 7 with WPS 6, I'm wondering how to do something similar? The JARs in the shared/app directory seems to be no longer specified on the server definition. So far, I have tried 2 ways...

1) Exporting the JAR and put it in < wps_root >/shared/app folder and start up the portal server
2) Define the JAR file in the EAR deployment description as a Project Utility JAR under the Module tab.

Either way, I still get the NoClassDefFoundError exception when trying to load the Java class that is suppose to be deployed in the shared/app level. Would someone be able to shed some light on this? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,