We are trying to consume remote portlets from a producer portal into our consumer portal (both are WPS v6 instances on different boxes and both WAS have security enabled). But when I do a request.getUserPrincipal or request.getRemoteUser at the producer end portlet/servlet, I get a null. Is there any way to get the same ?

Again, the request which is passed from the consumer to the producer - is that a 'new' request 'created' by the consumer ?

Anyone could pls tell me about how exactly the req-resp paradigm is in wsrp calls ...

Also, I am trying to call a servlet(at producer) by an Ajax component through the consumer and, from the servlet, setting an attribute in the HttpSession - But when I try to retrieve the attribute from a portlet in PortletSession.ApplicationScope, I find that the PortletSession is null/newly created. Is this normal in case of wsrp or anything else ?

Thanks a lot,