Hi group,

since 7 weeks i try to install the IBM WebSphere Portal on our Suse Linux
10, in silent mode only.

By now i've install Process Server 6.0.2, after that i created a Stand Alone
profile ProcSrv01.

I can start this Process Server by using

/bin/startServer.sh server1
/profiles/ProcSrv01/startServer.sh server1,

it works, i can see in the Admin Console i.e.
http://localhost:9043/ibm/console under Servers->Application Servers my
"server1", and on the Configuration page of this server1 i see the
"Business process container settings", this is i think the symbol for a
Process Server.

After that, i've installed WebSphere Portal 6 on my existing Process Server,
in the wpinstalllog.txt file i saw no errors.

The portal works und http://localhost:10038/wps/portal.

With ps -efl i see 2 processes, one for process server, one for portal.

The portal has also an own Admin Console,
http://localhost:10039/ibm/console. As i logged on this Admin Console, i see
under Servers->Application Servers my "server1" and my "WebSphere_Portal".

But in this portal Admin Console, the "server1" does not have the Process
Server symbol, it hasn't the "Business process container settings" on the
Configuration page, so the all bussiness can't be uploaded to the process
server and can't be used by portal.

One of my colleague has installed this all under windows, and works. I see
that in his Admin Console of the port 9043, i think this is the Admin
Console for the Process Server, there are "server1" and my
"WebSphere_Portal", and "server1" has the "Business process container

So, can anyone help me to solve the problem? I need really your help. I've
asked here many time, maybe because my poor english skill i got
unfortunetely little helps.

thanks in advance.

best regards.