Hi Techies,

I have written a custom servlet that analyses the WCM (Web Content Management) log files (and will eventually need to analyse the Portal log files from WCM 6.0 onwards). It's for checking 404 messages and other alerts for a System Administrator. At the end of the day, a report may be emailed to an Admin user for investigation the next day.

I have combined the servlet with a Portlet to display various status information accumulated as a status. It is scheduled to run every hour - which is the reason for the Servlet option.

What I would like to do, is provide some way to extract this information from the Servlet, via a JSP that is embedded within a WCM page (through the use of a JSP Component of WCM) - outside of the Portal context. It also needs to be able to run via the Content Viewer Portlet of WCM (via the same JSP)... so I can't necessarily hard code a known URL.

If I deploy the Servlet / Portlet WAR package, I can display the status results via the Portlet ok. But I'm not sure how to progress from here. I know I can embed the current Date / Time within a JSP page within WCM using <%= (new Date())%> (obviously without formatting) or similar and include the appropriate Class as an include file.

1. I would like to access the Servlet information through (I guess) a Class instantiation within the JSP. If this is possible, where do I need to put my JAR files, so that WCM can access the correct Class name? I'd like to use something like &lt= (new com.myclass.Results()).getStatus()%>

2. I also thought about a HTTP Connection to the Servlet to return some sort of SOAP message. Is this a possibility? I guess there would be performance problems with this since it would go through the same HTTP port as all other requests and not ideal.

3. Is it possible for a Web Application (WCM) to communicate with a custom Servlet / Portlet WAR instance?

Any assistance / sparks of ideas, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.