This is a WebSphere Portal Version running on Windows box.
This particular problem started, when the user registry (LDAP) server
was moved from one to another.
Some of the users/groups have been removed from the user registry
(LDAP) when moving from one LDAP server to another. When we do full
export the orphaned users / groups get exported as part of the portal
definition, however when trying to import them the script fails as
they no longer exists in the new LDAP server. These users are not
available through the portal GUI, so we can not remove them. Is there
any simple way, to cleanup the environment from these

Here is an example of these users

objectid="0_0_5 USER_GROUPS" uniquename="wps.USER_GROUPS">

subjecttype="user_group" update="set"/>
subjecttype="user_group" update="set"/>

We found that WebSphere Portal 5.1, provides the cleanup-users
attribute for request tag to deregister the orphan users and groups
from the WebSphere Portal, how we can do the same operation for
WebSphere Portal ?