Hi group

i'm intalling the whole WebSphere products on our single XSeries 336 Server.

The products to install:

1 IBM HTTP Server V6.1
2 WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6 updated to V6.0.2.17
(for the Process Server)
3 WebSphere Process Server V6.0.2
4 WebSphere Portal V6.0

All will be installed in silent mode.

I've already installed IHS 6.1.
Now i wanna install WAS ND and create a Stand Alone Profile, because we have
only one physical server.

Here Question No. 1: Should i create a Stand Alone Profile? I will install
Process Server und Portal too, and let Admin Console of WAS to administrate
the both.

After that i want to install WebSphere Process Server on this existing WAS
ND, so
Question No. 2: is it right that i create a new Profile for Process Server?

After installtion of Process Server,
Question No. 3: Should i install Portal on WAS ND or should i install Portal
on Process Server?

thanks and best regards