The IBM documentation says about exporting cross-page-wire:

Represents a property broker wiring between two portlet instances on
either the same page or on different pages. A wire connects a source
and a target portlet instance so that values which change in the
source are propagated to the target. This tag has the source-pageref
and target-pageref as the only additional attributes to the wire tag.
When you export a page that has cross-page wires connected, then the
cross-page-wire tag is exported, even if there is no direct reference
to or from the page or the wire. When exporting portlets that have the
global attribute set, but no wires, be aware of the following

Portlet global state attribute without wire is not exported by XML
Problem: If you export a portlet that has the global state attribute
set, but no wires, the global attribute is not exported. Consequently,
this attribute is missing after re-import of the XML script.

Cause: The XML configuration interface does not export the global
state attribute of portlets.

Solution: To resolve this limitation, use one of the following
After the XML import, reset the portlet to global state by using the
portal administrative user interface. Select Edit page layout > Wires
> Manage Actions and set the portlet to global state.

Before the XML export, create a wire for the portlet. The XML
configuration interface exports the wire. The XML import creates the
global attribute for all portlets that have a wire.

However I extracted many times pages that provide a cross page wiring
and the cross-page-wire tag was never included.

I used this XMLAccess request for Portal 6



>From my experiments I can say that there is a mismatch between the

IBM Documentation and the Portal behavior.
Any ideas in order to fix this issue ?

Many thanks

Giovanni Leonetti