I am trying to use the default Calendar portlet shipped with IBM Websphere Portal 6. The setup is as follows:

We have installed Microsoft Exchange 2003 along with connectors for Outlook Calendar. IBM Websphere Portal 6 and the MS Exchange 2003 are in the same domain. From RAD 7.0 we can sucessfully start Websphere Portal 6.

When we add Calendar portlet to a page and enter values for the Shared Settings and Configure pages, the error message on the page displayed is
"Missing or unrecognized user name or password for the specified server. Click the down arrow in the title bar, click Personalize (or, if you are an administrator, click Edit Shared Settings) and check your settings"

When looked into the log files we found the followin exception:
[2/28/07 11:15:52:047 AST] 0000006f Servlet W com.ibm.wps.engine.Servlet doGet() Invalid URL 'http://syedpc:10038/wps/myportal/!ut/p/c1/pZDNDoIwEISfxSfYpUDLFaIUEgQP8nshjSCp4cdEJPHtpQ9ANW H2OPkyswMVrDeKRXZiltMoeiigorXnmdHVSwg6PGRIAmQsu5wJ Iq5-Ses4IalvhYbh0JOBhAaWF2Uh8qP5D40bcnFHtsNtRW-5Cf1B0x0091FDc59CrnbW76Z83TK6fup3rU_1-Wv_Eiq2vT2Dsm87cftAvkDRNnKum_Yu3v38gjiYhhaeQ7qqQBk-7NJxD19pnj9G/common/dot.gif'
[2/28/07 11:15:52:062 AST] 0000006f Servlet W com.ibm.wps.engine.Servlet doGet() EJPEI0156E: The requested URL http://syedpc:10038/wps/myportal/!ut...common/dot.gif cannot be decoded. Reason: com.ibm.wps.state.nls.exceptions.NlsCannotInterpre tCodecException: EJPEI0073E: The input mediator class com.ibm.wps.state.inputmediators.WPInputMediator@8 51546123 could not interpret codec common for request com.ibm.wps.engine.PortalRequestWrapper@294d11c6 wrapping com.ibm.ws.webcontainer.srt.SRTServletRequest@2842 9007.

If anybody has an answer for the above problem please reply.

Thanks & Regards,
Shamsheer Syed.