On Feb 8, 8:02 am, "Erikas Zuzevicius" wrote:
> Hi,
> i want to display search result list in the middle of a page (where usualy content goes) while having Search And Browse portlet search box somewhere else in the page (by saying "search box " i mean I have customized Search.jsp to show only input field and submit button).
> 1. my colleague working with 5.1 in his project was able to add simple static html form into theme and submit it to another portal page containing only SearchAndBrowse portlet, but for some reasons this does not work for me. I found that portlet source generates some action URI which is put to
, so I can not determine it in advance. As I have also noticed - this portlet does not have unique name - i do not know why.
> 2. I also tried to configure SearchAndBrowse portlets OPEN_WCM_WINDOW parameter, but not sure how this should work (did not find appropriate documentation/examples on it)
> any ideas and suggestions welcome.
> thanks.

regarding 2), I believe the parameter takes effect when OpenResultMode
is set to wcm. It allows you to send all 'web content' search results
to a particular portal page.