I'm trying to install portlets (from Business Objects) on our portals and I have two diffrents behaviour on our two servers.

It works perfectly on one server but crashes on the other. It seems that the string ID got by the Portlets through the method getRemoteUser() isn't the same on the two portals.
When portal returns user login id, portlets work fine. But the second portal returns user name (like "cn" or "name" attribute in LDAP) instead of user login id.
Where is the truth ?

I compared config files on both servers as much as I could but didnt't noticed any diference between them (lokked into config, shared/app/config, wmm).

May someone have an idea about where to look forward a solution now ?

Thank you in advance

Platform details :
Os : Windows 2003 server French
WAS :, JDK 1.3
WPS : + Workplace Services Express 2.6
Security active on : Windows Active Directory 2003
Backend : SQL Server 2000