I have a JAVA Applet which sends informations through HTTP to a servlet. It works in my local environment (RAD 6 with websphere portal 5.0 test environment)

But, when I deploy the same applet and servlet on the same distant server (portal 5.1), when I lauch my applet in a client browser, it doesn't manage to connect to the servlet via HTTP. I obtain the HTTP error : 505 (i.e. a problem due to HTTP version ...)

I don't understand why ... Could you help me please?

Here is the code (of the applet) which establishes HTTP connection with the servlet :

try {

String nodeInfo = "une string exemple";
URL url = new URL("" + nodeInfo);
HttpURLConnection con = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
System.out.println("Permission : " + con.getPermission().toString());
System.out.println(url.toString() + "\nResponse code : " + con.getResponseCode());
System.out.println("URLConnnection : " + con.toString());

} catch (Exception ex) {ex.printStackTrace();}

Thanks for your help.