I have a specific problem for which I could not find documentation anywhere on the net. This is an appeal to all you Websphere Portal experts to bail me out.

Our portal application has been designed WITHOUT using friendly URLs (URLMapping was not used). Customers have bookmarked certain portal pages of our IBM portal application within their browsers. However, some of these portal pages have now changed and I want to redirect them to the correct portal page without asking them to change their bookmark (there could be potentially millions of customers !). I tried doing this at the web server level, but the portal plug-in rules take precedence over any re-direction rules, so this doesnt work. I also tried doing this at the proxy server level , but the long string of special characters in a typical IBM portal page url confuses the proxy server and it doesnt work.

I also tried doing this at the following levels using the engine.tld tags, but without success:


The only thing I didnt try is inserting re-direction logic within the portlets as a) I dont know how to do this and b) this will be an enormous task as I have to change almost each and every portlet as portlets are on multiple portal pages.

Will be grateful if someone can come up with a solution to my problem.