Hi all,

I want to connect to WPS using https throught the internet.

I use a DMZ server with IBM Httpserver as a reverse proxy. The connection from the internet to this DMZ server is https. From DMZ Server to LAN WPS Server is http (WAS port 9081). The websphere plugin installed in http server (DMZ) handles all special fields to inform the WPS server (LAN) about the external connection (source port, source ip address, source context, etc.) so the returned pages are "well formed" with "https" links.

The problem:
I have the Domino Web Access portlet installed. Although I check the box "detect protocol automatically" in the portlet configuration page I don't get "https" link so the navigator brings a popup window telling that the page contains unsecured links.

Is this a bug ?
How to get around this problem ?
Can Domino Server handle connections from WAS-plugin correctly ? (this is, parsing the $WS fields inserted bye the was plugin).

thanks for your responses.

Albert Collet
Telecom Engineer.