Hi all I am hoping someone can help me with an issue I am having re-enabling security for WebSphere Portal. Recently we made some ldap changes relating to groups to integrate Portal with TAM. I disabled security in Portal, made the necessary changes in the wpconfig.properties file, validated the configuration and started the WPSconfig.sh enable-security-ldap command. Everything was going well but the system hangs when trying to start WebSphere Portal after going through the enabling ldap security scripts. I checked the logs and this is the error that I am receiving:

[1/30/07 10:20:50:313 EST] 0000001c DefaultTokenP E HMGR0149E: An attempt by another process to connect to this process via the core group transport has been
rejected. The connecting process provided a source core group name of DefaultCoreGroup, a target of , a member name of PTLCell01\Node01 nodeagent and an IP address of / The error message is Token is null..

[1/30/07 11:40:33:321 EST] 0000001b RLSHAGroupCal W CWRLS0030W: Waiting for HAManager to activate recovery processing for local WebSphere server

Any one familiar with this?