Can anyone let me know what the problem with migration is, when migrating the websphere portal cloudsape databases to Oracle 9i.

The steps is followed:

I created database with the name wmmdb for the databases(release,comm,cust,wmmdb). I created users as releaseusr, communityusr, customizationusr, wmmdbusr for wmmdb database. For all the remaining (jdrdb,fdbkdb,lmdb), I created another database with the name oracle.

The users have been created with sufficient privilages as provided in the document. After that Configuration Wizard has been started for migrating. While in the process of migration of wmmdb(Member Manager data), it showing the errors.

The following log details has been shown in portal-database-transfer.log( I am attaching the log file also)

Transfer Data :: MaxMemory is 512M
[java] [01/28/07 15:18:44.594 IST] Attempting to make connection using: jdbcracle:thin:@ :: system :: PASSWORD_REMOVED
[java] [01/28/07 15:18:44.860 IST] Connection successfully made
[java] [01/28/07 15:18:44.860 IST] Attempting to make connection using: jdbc:db2j:wpsdb;create=true :: db2admin :: PASSWORD_REMOVED
[java] [01/28/07 15:18:45.204 IST] Connection successfully made
[java] [01/28/07 15:18:45.204 IST] Transfer started
[java] [01/28/07 15:18:59.938 IST] Transferring table --{ DB2ADMIN.WMMLAADTYP}-- to table --{SYSTEM.WMMLAADTYP }--
[java] [01/28/07 15:19:00.001 IST] error.executing.transfer
[java] java.lang.NullPointerException
[java] at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBData.clearItem(DBData.java: 431)
[java] at oracle.jdbc.dbaccess.DBDataSetImpl.clearItem(DBDat aSetImpl.java:3528)
[java] at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.clearPa rameters(OraclePreparedStatement.java:3401)
[java] at com.ibm.wps.config.db.util.RowHelper.updatePrepare dStatement(RowHelper.java:211)
[java] at com.ibm.wps.config.db.transfer.DefaultTableHandler .execute(DefaultTableHandler.java:101)
[java] at com.ibm.wps.config.db.transfer.TransferEngine.exec ute(TransferEngine.java:57)
[java] at com.ibm.wps.config.db.transfer.CmdLineTransfer.exe cute(CmdLineTransfer.java:93)
[java] at com.ibm.wps.config.db.transfer.CmdLineTransfer.mai n(CmdLineTransfer.java:43)