We're trying to integrate an asp.net application into a web clipping
portlet. There are a number of dynamic web pages and forms in this
asp.net application.

We've done some initial work and have been successful in bringing pages
from the asp.net application into the clipping portlet but have noticed
an anomaly when submitting the forms.

When the asp.net form is submitted, the portlet sends the request over
to the asp.net server, which processes the request and sends a
response. We can see that the request is being sent properly to the
asp.net server because we can watch the request being processed in the
debugger. So we know that the URL rewriting is working properly.
However, after the response is sent to the web clipping portlet, the
browser page refreshes and the clipping portlet is empty.

We did some testing and found that this problem only occurs when the
asp.net form is set to use method="POST". If we switch it to
method="GET", it works properly and the response from the posted form
is displayed in the clipping portlet.

This is really strange, because the asp.net page is actually being
called from the clipping portlet wether GET or POST is being used, and
we can verify that the page is actually getting called and executing
and sending a response the same way regardless. So even though the
clipping portlet is sending the request to the .net app, and recieving
the same reponse, it is dealing differently with the results depending
on wether or not the request was using GET or POST.

Is there anybody out there that can make sense of this behaviour and
help us figure out why this is happening? The reason this is important
to us is that we've got some pages that require POST to upload files to
the asp.net application. I have not seen anything in the documentation
that says we can't use POST, so it would be great if we could make it
work that way.

Thanks for any help