I have a problem with WPS v6.0, after to make my Portlets in RAD 7.0 trial, I deployed my portlet in the WPS, and then I tried to add a some page and then sent me an error:

EJPEC0378E: Unable to execute the command AddPortletListCommand: The user does not have sufficient permissions on all objects that are affected by the command. Details: The user ID is: cn=wpsadcnp,o=orsa. The failing object is: [ObjectIDImpl '7_SQ7G1FH20GEKE02UEA56LH2GO4' [-1568941432707211428:-7457781405690433408@0 / NAVIGATION_NODE], Domain: [Domain: rel], DB representation: 0000-5C1F185E14003AEA80F04E1553A38098].

I logged to the WebSphere Application Server with cn=wpsadcnp,o=Orsa. But this error sent me the user name with lowwer case. To fix up I restart the Websphere Portal Server and Websphere Application Server. This is not a secure way to fix it. Some one can tell me, what's going on?