I know this is somewhat of a bizarre question, but I'm looking for
any one to respond with any real world experience to the following
scenario. I'm currently on a fairly large servlet to portlet(Portal
5.1 with WCM) conversion project and it is failing. The migration
includes constructing portlets out of the individual transactions as
well as leveraging WCM for content management and rendering using the
remote rendering portlet. Due to the complexity of the application and
the fact that maintenance of business is critical, it's fairly obvious
that a code freeze on the existing application transaction
functionality isn't an option.
What we are thinking of doing now is using portal for building portal
pages and including the remote rendering portlet for the WCM content.
For pages that display application transactions, the thinking is that
we can use a portlet with an Iframe or the cliping portlet on the
portal page to reference a specific page(transaction) within the
servlet based application. What this means is that the transaction
logic within the servlet based application will not be migrated to
portlets but instead be served up by the existing servlet application
via URL calls into it.
Is this just a ridiculous idea? Has anyone done this? I don't need
purist answers; I just need anyone who has experienced my dilemma to
chime in.