I get the folowing error when work with element (like site area, pages, content an any other)in WCM:

When i try to delete:
Unable to delete "testB". The following error occurred:
Unable to access item from repository.

When i try to edit and create:
Operation failed due to an exception.

Other error message when create:
IMKMU10162X: Message: Colud not save object in repository., Cause:
javax.jcr.RepositoryException: Error while calling a function createItems
of PLS data manager. test

I'm traying to solve it login in to WebSphere Portal 6 as both wpsadmin and wasadmin, but the same occur.

wpsadmin and wasadmin have all permision and belong to all groups (wcmadmins, wpsContentAdministrators, wpsadmins and wpsDocReviewer)

WebSphere Portal 6 is installed on AIX 5.3.