I am facing an issue while working on Non-english locales on WPS 6.0/IBM Portlet Factory 6.0.

Error I see on portal server is :

The error is: SRVE0200E: Servlet [org.apache.jsp._CompanyProfileBaseView_5F_Default_ 5F_19595462_5F_Default_5F_CompanyProfileViewDataPa ge]: Could not find required servlet class - _CompanyProfileBaseView_5F_Default_5F_19595462_5F_ Default_5F_CompanyProfileViewDataPage.class

When I check inside installedApps , under "\WebAppRunn_pplication_PA_j40x5aa.ear\WPFtest-aa.war\genjsp" folder , jsp page is generated with name : "CompanyProfileBaseView_Default_19595462_Default_Co mpanyProfileViewDataPage.jsp"

What I can see is : name of jsp page generated is different from what portal server is looking for. "5F" has been inserted in the name of Servlet somehow.

Important note here is that issue arises ONLY when we use PROFILING for muliple databases.

Any help will be highly appreciated.