I have following question regarding UPES message format:

1. What are the differences between XML vs JMS-Compliant XML message?

2. Is there any way I can set some values in the header of messages by just using build time modelling? We want our MDBs to listen to messages depending upon some field in message header such as MessageType. We do not want all MDBs to listen to all sorts of messages.

3. I got following properties from header of a JMS-Compliant XML message:
name=JMS_IBM_PutDate value=20060807
name=JMSXAppID value=ir\MQWORK~1\bin\fmcemain.exe
name=JMS_IBM_Format value=MQSTR
name=JMS_IBM_PutApplType value=11
name=JMS_IBM_MsgType value=8
name=JMSXUserID value=FMC
name=JMS_IBM_PutTime value=21474186
name=JMSXDeliveryCount value=1

What are these two header properties JMS_IBM_PutApplType, JMS_IBM_MsgType and how MQWorkflow determines values for them?