I have installed IBM Websphere MQ client in my
Windows XP PC.

I have written a .Net console application that can communicate with the MQ Server and perform basic operations (put/get).

When I try to use the same code within a Windows service I get the
when I attempt to instantiate an mqueue object:
queueManager = new MQQueueManager(QueueManagerName, "CHANNEL1", "");

Why am I getting this error in the windows service but not in the console application?

In the serviceProcessInstaller (.Net designer), I have compiled the windows service under LocalService, Networkservice, User and LocalSystem accounts (ie. all four available), but get the same error with each.

I have also tried adding the following command line parameters to the windows service on startup:
setmqaut -m "venus.queue.manager" -n "orange.queue" -t queue -g +inq +alladm
but no change

Any help would be much appreciated