This is needed to send an attachment using the SendMail plugin.

Using an input message similar to the following in an XML domain:

[SENDMAILMSG][FROM]a[/FROM][TO]b[/TO][THEATTACHMENT][![CDATA[binary character data representing a .pdf file]]][/THEATTACHMENT][SENDMAILMSG]

(substitute [] for XML tag delimiters EXCEPT for the CDATA section)

I need to put THEATTACHMENT into OutputRoot.BLOB.BLOB for it to appear as an attachment. Using BITSTREAM, it put the whole message ([SENDMAILMSG]) into the attachment.

How do I convert the single node to a BLOB and put it in the OutputRoot.BLOB.BLOB node. I haven't had any luck with ASBITSTREAM but I may be specifying the parameters incorrectly.