I have simple message flow that uses the XMLTransformation node to transform an XML message to XML. However when the message hits the node, it immediately sends it to the failure terminal because of an exception. In the hubbrkr.log file I see the following:
Warning: null/wbi.boot is read only
Invalid boot strap file null/wbi.boot
Warning: /Build.ID is read only
at com.ibm.transform.cmdmagic.backend.WrapperBackendF orWTP.(WrapperBackendForWTP.java(Compiled Code))
at com.ibm.xsl.exmlt.EnhancedXMLTransform.initialize( EnhancedXMLTransform.java(Compiled Code))
at com.ibm.xsl.exmlt.EnhancedXMLTransform.(EnhancedXMLTransform.java(Compiled Code))
at com.ibm.xsl.mqsi.XMLTransformNode.evaluate(XMLTran sformNode.java:789)
at com.ibm.broker.plugin.MbOutputTerminal._propagate( Native Method)
at com.ibm.broker.plugin.MbOutputTerminal.propagate(M bOutputTerminal.java:126)
at TestPlugin.evaluate(TestPlugin.java:88)

The broker is running on AIX V5.1, I am using WBI V5.0.

Has anyone seen this error? I looked for these files on the system, they (wbi.boot, Build.ID) exist in /var/mqsi/xmlt directory and they do have the write access for the owner and group. However, in the error message above its attempting to access null/wbi.boot and /Build.ID.

Is it missing something? probably the directory where these files are located?

Any help would be appreciated and thanks in adavance for the same.