scaryjase wrote:
> Some questions relating to bar files...
> 1. Is there any way to update a bar file by pulling in the latest
> version of message flows/sets? It's kinda frustrating to have to
> delete and add the versions that have changed (and that's assuming
> that i know which versions have changed). Or should I create a
> command line script that uses mqsicreatebar and simply rebuild it?

Not that I know of - would be a rebuild of the bar.

> 2. Is there any way of looking in a bar file to know which versions of
> message flows/sets are in it?

Not unless you
a) incorporate some sort of version label into the flow name;
b) add a text file into the bar file (which is a zip file) with
this information at build time;
c) have a good version control and automated build system which
enables you to identify the bar and the flows and msets it contains.

> 3. Is there any way of looking in a broker to know which versions of
> bar files are deployed to it?

mqsicreatebar -v will add a version label into flow names. You
can't see "bar versions" in the runtime.

> 4. Do I want to keep my bar files under version control?

Religious debate. Ask a Java programmer if they want their jar
files (or war files or ear files) in version control. One school
of argument says yes; the other says that you should have a
repeatable build process that enables you to recreate any version
of a deployable object from a known set of sources.