I have a message such as .........<\REPLYMSG> sitting in my OUT_QUEUE and I want JTEXT adapter to pickup the above message and put it as a flat file on my local directory...Its picking up the message but I am getting the following error: [Time: 2005/05/12 11:37:27.974] [System: ConnectorAgent] [SS: OLBPPConnector] [Thread: OLBPP/REQUESTQUEUEJmsThreadPool.thread1 (#1548119243)] [Type: Error] [MsgID: 9064] [Mesg: Message received is NOT a TextMessage as expected. Message ID: ID:414d51205742524b5f514d202020202088a5824220001b0 2] ..I just want to pick the above message up from the Queue and write it to my local system..