Hi All,

Our environmnet is : WBIMB V5, FP04, on Z/OS mainframe,DB2.

We are trying to update two different databases which are on two diffrent db2 subsystems, using two datbase nodes. The first database node updates database1 and then the second database node updates database2.

Broker is able to connect to the first database and do the database update.
But the broker is not able to connect to the second databasae.

The first database, is on the database subsystem called DED1 and uses the datasource location called DED1LOC. This is the subsystem on which other broker database system tables and our user tables reside. The broker has no problem in connecting to this.

The second database node is trying to connect to another DB2 database on a different subsystem called DB2D with location name DB2DLOC.

But we get an exception in this database node, "locaiton node specified in the connect statement is invalid or not listed in the communication database."

I have edited the dsnaoini file to add a new stanza for the second db2 subsystem. But still we get the above error.

Am I missing some step here, any additonal changes to be done on the broker to be able to connect to the second databse subsystem? Any other files to be edited to add the new entry .
I checked the ENVFILE, there is no reference to the database location.

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated

thanks, -Murali