seanrose wrote:
> Hi,
> I am pretty new to this game but we had a classic java.lang.OutOfMemory error when using the IBM Websphere Bus Int Adapters.Business Object Designer.
> We are using the SAP ODA to discover the iDOC and then it pops out with the error when we try and save the discovered iDOC as an xsd.
> The iDOC is huuuugge.
> So i guess that i should try and configure the JVM for the SAP ODA to increase the heap size.
> I have found the bat start files but i am unsure about all of the parameters that are currently configured for the adapter....
> %CWJAVA% -Duser.home="%CROSSWORLDS%" -Djava.library.path=%JLIBRARIES% -Djava.ext.dirs="%JRE_EXT_DIRS%" -mx128m %ORB_DEP% -classpath %JCLASSES% com.crossworlds.ODKInfrastructure.%CONNECTION% -l%AGENTNAME% -c%AGENTCLASS%
> Specifically I am unsure of what -mx128m is for?
> It looks a lot like -Xmx??
> Any suggestions?
> Sean

It is definiately the -Xmx if you remove this then you will remove the
upper ceiling for memory usage for the heap. The heap is got in small
chunks which may take the server a while to get up to - this can be
eased by using -Xms which sets the initial size. The idea is to set -Xmx
to a level where you don't start paging. But in my experience all that
happens is that you get an out of memory exception.