we are running mqseries version 5.3 on aix and having problems setting
the qmgr to code page 1200 for UCS-2. We can set to 1208 but we need
to get the data converted from 1208/UTF-8 to 1200/UCS-2/Unicode/UTF-16
to solve a different issue. All the documentation says that 1200 is
supported on aix and windows but when i issue this command:

alter qmgr ccsid(1200)
1 : alter qmgr ccsid(1200)
AMQ7090: The queue manager CCSID is not valid.

I also tried 17584 or 13488 as per mention of differnent levels of
ucs-2 in newgroups. Does anyone know what the problem is. I did see a
ptf for as/400 that was related to a 1200 problem but no other
platform was listed.