Trying to just bring up an app in C, in debug mode, and get this error
when I have the MQCONNX function specified. This is the only function
I've inserted just to see if I can connect to the MQ server when
stepping throught the module. Then I figured I'd move on with the other
funtions. I have amqic32.lib specified in my linked libs.

I get mqic32.dll, amqxcs2.dll, amqxcsn.dll, amqrmqia.dll, amqmtmgc.dll,
winmm.dll, amqmadcn.dll, amqcmema.dll, and amqzsaic.dll loaded, and
then the error. If I remove the MQCONNX function and rebuild, the app
does come up.

What am I missing here? I have all DLLs loaded in my system32 folder.
I'm pre-newbee, but I just want, as a client app, to connect, open,
send a message, close, disconnect.