XMS is a non-Java implementation of the Java Message Service (JMS) API,
currently implemented to work with the IBM WebSphere messaging portfolio.

XMS .NET can connect to the following IBM messaging servers -- WebSphere
MQ; WebSphere Platform Messaging, for example, as embodied by the default
messaging provider in WebSphere Application Server v6; and WebSphere
Business Integration Event/Message Brokers over Real-time transport.

An XMS application can exchange messages with any of the following types of
application - An XMS application, a WebSphere MQ JMS application, a native
WebSphere MQ application and a JMS application that is using the WebSphere
Platform Messaging. XMS applications may use different IBM messaging servers
with little or no change.

This is offered as a Cat2 SupportPac and can be found at this location:

Additionally, a C/C++ API is available as IBM Message Service Client for
This is now available as a Cat3 SupportPac at:

Try it out, and give us your feedback via:

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