hello..i had done a project using jsp which i deployed and used in
j2ee 1.3...
but now i have to use websphere as the app. server..
can any1 tell me if there is any folder similar to
"public_html" (j2ee) in websphere app. server??
i donot hav any servlets/bean components, so i dont require a
deployment as such, my project has only html and jsp files...i used
just place my project files in "public_html" folder of j2ee home
folder and then used it frm the browser..

how to do the same in websphere appl. server community edition
so that i can access my project from a browser???

also after i start the server, in order to log in to the
console, it asks for an username and password..whats the username and
pasword(default)??during installation of WAS, no such info was

if i want to stop the server than also it asks for username and
password..whts the username n password for tht??
plzz..can any1 help me.its a bit urgent

basically i wanna know wht r the info i need to hav to migrate frm
j2ee to websphere??

plzz any1 help me