We are currently on our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase, one step before going into production. Our problem is when we connect our client workstation over the Internet to test our application, we are receiving an HTTP 501 error whenever the Internet connection goes slow. However, when we access it directly thru LAN, we don't encounter the error mentioned above.

Based from the logs, our request haven't reached the application server yet. Somehow the data that is reaching the web server is incorrect, incomplete, or altered upon submission from the browser. That is why it cannot process/interpret the request correctly.

In this case, what are the things we need to check? Is it in the way we setup our servers so that they can be reached through the Internet? Is it the speed of our connection? Or are there any settings in HttpServer or ApplicationServer that we need to check and re-configure?

We are using HttpServer and ApplicationServer v5.0 on separate machines running on Windows 2000. Our browser is Internet Explorer v6.0.

Your reply would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.