i'm running linux 2.1 AS and IBM HttpServer 2.0.42 and tomcat 4.1.24.
I have set up mod_jk.conf by adding the following line in httpd.conf:
Include /var/tomcat/conf/jk/mod_jk.conf

In mod_jk i have aliases for directories such as:
Alias /myapp1/html /var/tomcat/myapp/group1/html

My problem is that this the Alias is not getting resolved by IBMIHS,
and lets tomcat handle it. This is a problem because tomcat ends up
caching the requests to myapp1/html rather than finding the html and
executing the javascript redirect.

i've configured this with apache 2.0.40 and tomcat 4.1.24 on a linux
2.1 AS server using the same httpd.conf and mod_jk.conf without a
problem. i'm assuming this is a configuration problem or bug with

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