Dear George,

This is not a problem regarding the number of stores. There is really no
performance hit (relatively) for having 200 stores*. The hit becomes if you
have millions of skus in your catalogs (total), millions of users, you should
be able to support about 20 simultaneous ordering users for each cpu with 2GB
of ram that you have in a machine. That number would of course need to be
converted for boxes like iSeries(400) and zSeries(390)

So a dual processor box running 4GB of RAM would be able to support 40 people
actually buying something (at least hitting checkout), and that would assume
about a 95/5 browser/buyer ratio with an average 4 minute buy cycle.


PS I cannot help but like some named george, but that is a personal bias.

*Note: (If you were to run one instance for each store you would of course
see a ridiculous impact on the machine) The above only refers to all stores
running in the same instance only.

George wrote:

> Hi All:
> I have a question about the WCBE , in my case i have to publish more
> than 200 stores in one instance(one machine)
> But i think it is a heavy job for one machine.
> Anyone can tell me , how many stores can be publish in one instance (
> exactly in one machine ) and
> if i have publish more than 200 stores in one machine what environment i
> have to perpare ( size of memory , and level of CPU ... )
> thanks your help ~~
> George