I'm new to WSAD (v 5.1.0) and Eclipse plugins. I have an idea about
providing the capability to display bytes as character data in a debugging
session. The idea came about when inspecting the byte buffer loaded from a
receiving queue which I knew was character data. It is displayed as integer
data in the debugger and I'd like the option to view it as character data.
Whether this data is displayed as a separate view, a message dialog, in the
console window or whatever, is not of concern to me now.

From reading the eclipse documentation it seems like I may need to add
extension(s) to org.eclipse.jdt.debug and/or org.eclipse.jdt.debug.ui.
But since I'm iusing WASD I thought that there might be some IBM plugins
that I need to extend instead. It's not clear to me how I go about doing so
I figured I'd throw this out and see if anyone can set me straight here. Any
help will be appreciated.

Bob D.