Hi All,

When I try to use AS400FTP Class I am getting the Following error on
WebSphere Platform 6.0 [ND cf10533.10].

I am creating AS400FTP Object by calling

AS400FTP l_obj = new AS400(new AS400(System, User, Password));

and I am getting the following error.

java.lang.IllegalAccessError: try to access
com/ibm/as400/access/AS400.signon from class com/ibm/as400/access/AS400FTP

SameCode has worked on Websphere Express 5.0, Websphere 5.1 Express and
Websphere 5.1 Base Versions. Recenetly we have upgraded to Websphere Version
6 and Code has stopped working. We are still using the same jt400.jar file.

Ca anyone help us in fixing this problem?