I have deployed web application in websphere express 6 on iSeries V5R3
and it is working fine.

Now I would like to redirect my web application through web server over
the internet. Presently application is opening successfully using
following URL name and
61.11.XX.XXX:9080/application name.

But whenever I accessing application through web server using name it is encountering
"Internal Server Error" and http_plugin.log generating following error
in log.

Failed to resolve address [ss12.ebppdom] and port [9080], error 6

Note : "ebppdom" is my old domain and now we have registered and
configured new domain as "" over the internet but still web
server is looking old domain "ebpdom".

I suspect web server conflict between old domain and new domain.

I saw that old domain TCP/IP entries "ebpdom" is still available in
CFGTCP - Option 10 :- TCP/IP host table and
Option 12 : Domain Information. I also tried to change above entries to
new domain but after doing experiment my websphere application server
did not and encounter following error during start :-

[10/26/05 16:08:21:553 EDT] 0000000a WsServerImpl E WSVR0009E: Error
occurred during startup
[10/26/05 16:08:22:163 EDT] 0000000a WsServerImpl E WSVR0009E: Error
occurred during startup
javax.naming.ConfigurationException: Cannot get canonical host name for

I suspect both webserver and websphere is affecting due to old domain

Can you help to resolve this issues. You help will more appreciate me.
Thanks in Advanced.