Hi all thank you for your time.

I am a vb.net programmer who worked for a company that used RS6000
system. I wrote windows applications that screen scraped that system.

I am contemplating joining another company and they run an AS400. I
have had no experience in programming these systems. They want to hire
me based on my other experience and the head of their system felt I
could easily pick up the ability to program this system.

Can you advise me as to what lanagague is best to learn to work with
this system and a good tutorial for that language?

Is there a third party software that will allow me to do screen
scraping on AS400 like I did on my AIX?

Will the .NET DB2 driver work with accessing those databases?

Is there a shell that I can run on my windows machine that will
simulate an AS400 environment so I can work with it?

Thank you for your time.

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